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I like this book alot. It has alot of good parts in it.  I think it was one of the best books I know I like books that have people fighting for what they want. In this part of the book there are in the arena and they have teamed up with a guy names finnick and they are fighting to survive the first battle. Lucky for them katniss can swin because her dad showed her before he died and than finnick is from distric 4 and that one is right by the ocean. He can swim good so they are on huge plate form with all the wepons before anyone  and they dig around katniss finds a bow for her and her distric partner peta and than finnick is infront of her with a trident and is just standing there  katniss does not know that before they started the games that peta talked to finnick and made a deal so they are partners and so he tells her but she has a lot of conffusion and doesnt  know what to do but than a guy from another distric comes up behide her and finnick throws his trident and kills him and after 8 people are dead they start walking up a hill and peta hits the feild around the arena and his hart stops beating but than finnick gives him cpr and he is alive by this time in the book katniss has strong feelings for peta and they are closer than ever. Peta is to weak to move so they put up camp in a bush katniss kills a tree rat  and when its time to go to sleep they all go and katniss stands gaurd. She sees a frog up beside her and her skin starts to burn so she yell they grab peta and this other person from distic 4 that finnick knows but they can get away so the distric 4 women mumbles something and finnick yells no but its to late she walks right in to the acid smoke from the frog to give them time to run away so finnick picks up peta who is haveinmg trouble by this time and they make it to a beach and they get all the acid off but than they turn around and fine there are a hole lot of monckey looking at them  and tey starty attacking katniss and them so katniss starts shooting of arows and she runs out so peta goes to give her his and a monckey jumps and a girl from another distric  than no one knows to good jumps and takes the hit for peta and the monckey rips at her hart and peta stabs it in the head and it goes limp but its to late . the girl is going to die there is nothing they can do.


Catching Fire

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Catching fire is the second book in the hunger games trilogy. I like these books alot and I am going to read the last one . There is alot of conflict in this story has  both of the conflict internal or external  from the two main charters. There names are Peta and Katniss. They have to go on this trip and pretend to be in love but the thing is peta really does like katniss but she thinks hes just acting and Katniss is starting to have feelings for two guys one is peta and the other in a guy she hunts with and his name is gale. After  getting out of the games people are thinking that they were lieing about being in love and cheated there way out so both of them could be alive so now they have to get married to stop an up-riseing and peta wishes it was real and katniss is still thinking about witch guy she likes and what they have done to make it out of the games alive. She is really confused about ever thing and the part in the book I m reading right now they just got done with a party and are going back on the train to go to the last district. The one character I don’t like in the president he seems weird to me and I think hes the bad guy in this book in the book they call him president snow and he is really white and his lips are really big he has lots of piceings the author didn’t give much to tell us what he looks like  so we can picture him anyway we want. I think it is weird that he is scared that  there fake love is going to cause and uprising. her books are so good it is hard to fined other books to read.

Armour and Weapons

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Knights have been around a long time and they went with the years and changed as much as they could. we have knights around today like people in the army I know some people think of them a knight I know I do. The middle ages were a really hard time and there was lots of fights and death they were not really clean people. The middle ages had some pretty awesome weapons and armor. There were so many weapons to choose from like axes sword maces and spears. The armor was the same you had so many different types if armor and chain-mail. In this blog I am going to talk about that stuff and try to figure out as much as i can learn and tell you about each piece of armour and weapons and how they had to train to get the strength to walk around in there armour all day and have the all that pee and poop in the suit while they were wearing it. the thing i am going to talk bout before sword are stuff like battle axes and pole axes they were both axes it was just one had a really long pole and on the end of it had a had the blade of the axe and the battle-axe had a small handle and it was used for more close range fighting and stuff like that. There was lots of swords and I am going to talk about some of the different swords had back then and tell you what the main point of the weapon was for. The first one I am going to talk about is the slashing sword. they were made to slash at  people as the name tells both sides were sharp and the blade was very wide and very flat.this blade could cut off arms and some times legs if you had a good swing. The next sword I am going to talk about is the long sword it was very long and it became popular around the year 1350. it had a really sharp and they had to be held with two hands because they were too heavy to swing with one hand and using two hands had the swing have way more force. the next sword will be the thrusting sword and there were used after 1350. It had a sharp narrow blade. thrusting swords were used to hit the weak spots in a knights armour suck as the joint plates in the elbows and the knees.they were way different from slashing sword because the knight had to aim it and very carefully by the year 1400 every night had a slashing sword and a thrusting sword. They had bows cross bows they had maces and daggers and a whole lot of stuff like that but i am only doing swords and armour. Here is the order you put armour on  in put the left legion 2.the right leg is on next 3.the back plate is the third thing you put on 4.the breastplate is the fourth thing to go on 5.the next things are the arms and the elbow joints is the gloves and you need help to take them of and to put them back on cause you can’t move your arms to well 7.the next part is to keep you neck safe from all the swords and other stuff like that and it is called a bevor 8.the next thing is the spurs that go on your boot you have to put them on later not as soon as you put the legs on 9.nine is the helmet i think that it is one of the most important pieces of armour out there and if you didn’t wear it you would probably get you head cut in half 10. ten is the weapons you put on it and you can not for get them or your dead just about as much as if you for get your helmet. At the same time in japan there was an other type of knight called a Samurai they were trained just as good as the knight i am talking about but their armour was a hole lot lighter than the knights armour.


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The book is called the hunger games. the book takes place in futer there is no north amarica and the only place tyo live are 12 district  and each place has a thing they do like in district 11 they pick berrys and in district 12 they mine for cole. the main chariters are katniss and peta I think  pretty convinceing. There are only 2 main chariters in this story and they are picked to go in to the hunger games witch is a big place were 2 people from each district have to fight and kill each other and there can only be one winner. I think that Suzanne Collins dose a very good  job on this book just like shge did in the underland books. I think that the book is really well writen and it has some pretty crazy detail in it.when i was reading this book i was thinking abgout how her and peta are going to save them selfs and make it thought the games .

Docking station signals death of desktops

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There is this thing going around about desktop being not as good as laptops but i think this proves that . people are talking about making a dock so you can put your laptop in it and use a bigger screen and you would have ever thing from the laptop. I think it is a good idea but thats just me.  I don’t know what other people will think bout it some will probably love it others will hate it you never know . Heres a picture and a link to were i found it.

Photo storys

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The last couple of weeks we have had to work on Photo story’s i had fun doing them and my Photo story isn’t done because i couldn’t record anything  because when I was there my partner wasn’t there and when she was I wasn’t so we are going to stay one day at lunch and finish it. The photo story is about the pacific garbage patch. It is a spot in the ocean were all the garbage in the ocean goes there are people that work to try and clean it up and i think if we all would stop littering we would not have a problem this big.


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1 the most watched is drama

2 news and affairs are second

3 the lowest is religion

4 second to last is social instruction

5 the third one that is least viewed is music and dance

1st most watched are not from canada

2nd least watched from canada is other

3rdall programs for canada add up to 37.2